Essay Writing on Gun Control 

The subject of gun control has ravaged conversations over the past few years, and as such, forms a perfect subject for essays in schools. Essays on gun control follow the structure of argumentation, and it includes the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. A student can argue for or against the subject in argumentative essays, and because of this, it’s crucial to understand what the fuss about gun control entails.

About Gun Control

Gun control concerns the regulation of the issuance, use, and transfer of firearms because of the increased risk when it comes to terrorist attacks and mass shootings. The debate, therefore, entails proponents for the regulation of firearms with a section also opposing its regulation. As such, students can form their opinions and support these through essays with a view of trying to convince the audience about their positions.

Proponents of the gun control debate argue that without regulation of firearms, then an increase in incidences of mass shootings and other ills will increase. On the other hand, opponents opine that it’s their right to defend and protect themselves as a result of the failure by the government to offer them with essential and effective protection.

The second amendment in the US permits anyone to hold a firearm under specific restrictions and conditions based on the resident governing authority. However, this falls open to interpretation as individuals can use guns for activities of their choosing besides the second amendment coming at a different time and setting.

Considerations for Writing a Gun Control Essay

  • It can help if you first decide the position you want to take concerning gun control before you start writing your essay.
  • It’s vital to select a suitable and catchy subject on gun control, especially in cases where you have to pick a title for yourself. However, your choice of topic should line up with your stance on gun control.
  • Research all the hard facts you can find on the particular stance you want to support concerning your gun control title. You can do this on the internet or in the library, though you must remember to check the credibility of the information sources.  
  • Have a clear outline of how your essay has to look and ensure that the introduction contains a short description of the whole piece and your stance on gun control. Further, incorporate a hook to draw your audience in and a thesis statement. the body text should contain supporting statistics and evidence for your argument. Finally, ensure that the conclusion captures the summary of every vital idea contained in the essay. The type of essay on gun control will influence your reference section, especially on the reference format you adopt. 
  • Back each idea you front in the essay with relevant statistics or evidence to lay credence to your argument.
  • Structure every idea or point with transition phrases and words to make it an interesting and fun read.
  • Search for new and fresh research on gun control so that your presentation only entails the best concepts.
  • Comprehend the human psychology and use this to go beyond the physical possession of guns. Look into the human reasons and thought about gun control. 
  • Possess and portray honesty when it comes to the presentation of your truthful concepts. 


Gun control presents a plethora of opportunities when it comes to developing quality argumentative essays.