Writing an explanatory essay

An explanatory essay is an essay in which you give your own opinions about a certain scenario or topic. Your opinions don’t have to match the views of others about the same topic in question. Your understanding of it is what matters a lot. An explanatory essay doesn’t need you to criticize the topic. You only explain what you understand about the topic. Stick on the general view of the subject matter. Don’t worry if your audience is having a divergent opinion on the topic. They have to go by your views anyway since you are in control. Offer them explanations on the topic in question to help them understand better. An explanatory essay is also called an expository essay. It explains a phenomenon from a neutral point of view. It doesn’t take sides. 

Understand what an explanatory essay entails for you to have an easy time handling it. It is neither argumentative, nor does it need criticisms. Don’t take sides but pick it from a neutral point of view. Like any other essay, an explanatory essay takes the logical format. It has an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. 

The first paragraph is the introduction part that presents the subject to readers. It incorporates a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. Trap the attention of readers in the first paragraph. Use appropriate skills in the hookup sentence. Like other essays, you can use a quote, rhetorical question, or an anecdote. It should be in line with the content of the essay. A quote expands the audience’s expectations to get the story. Rhetorical questions leave the audience in a dilemma. They become eager to hear the whole story. 

When handling this essay, you have to do thorough research about the topic at hand. Having a wide and deep understanding of the topic will make it easy to deliver. Have many external links that will supplement your personal views on the topic. Ensure your personal views are blending with the information you received. Having these facts matched will enable you to have a clear thesis. The audience will have an easy time understanding the message in a paraphrased form. The topic of discussion should be an easy one that will give you an easy time before your audience. If, in any case, it’s an assigned topic, then do thorough research to familiarize yourself with it. 

Paragraphs of an explanatory essay should be similar in style. They should have a flow explaining in detail the content of the essay. The audience has to feel comfortable in the work that you are giving them. Paragraphs have to be between five and six. 

The conclusion summarizes the discussed points in the entire essay. It’s a vital stage that reminds the audience of the subject matter in summary form. Go through them one by one to enable the audience to remember the concepts discussed in the entire essay. Organize the summary in a way it is easy to get the points. It is advisable to include a concluding statement. It has to highlight the essence of a certain scenario. The statement has to be in line with the message in the essay. You can decide to leave the audience in suspense. It will make them eager to get into action. They will engage themselves in deep research about the topic for them to be able to get the entire message in full. 

In summary, if you adhere to this, you will be able to come up with a unique explanatory essay.